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Athena Contractors, Inc..

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When you work with Athena Contractors, Inc. you‘re working with an award-winning team. View samples of our work by clicking here.

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Athena Contractors, Inc.
81 David Love Place
Santa Barbara, CA 93117
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Commercial Maintenance Division

Athena Contractors, Inc..

Service and maintenance of your facility in the key areas of Image, Prevention, Health and Safety, and Repairs which our team of Service Technicians are trained to deliver to you, our customer.

Image Maintenance
will enhance your business’s professional image, encouraging current and future clientele to patronize your business. Fresh parking lot striping, new paint, new flooring, eye-catching graphics and an overall well-maintained business lets your customers know you are dedicated to their comfort and will appeal to the discriminating consumer.

Preventative Maintenance
allows you, the Business Owner or Manager, the opportunity to repair electrical, plumbing, parking lot bumpers and a multitude of other items, before they turn into the liability of a safety risk or eyesore, saving you money, time and a possible violation from a government agency.

Athena Contractors, Inc..

Health and Safety Maintenance is an area that all business owners or managers need to be concerned with. Our Technicians are trained in the most recently updated health and safety codes, and can help you handle issues before or after the Health Department or lawyers come calling!

Service Repairs are offered on a 24 hour on-call basis, from the simple plumbing problems to emergencies like fires or the periodic vehicle drive-thru at 2:00 am. We will assess the issue and work with the business owner or manager to determine the most cost-effective approach to the solution, and then complete the work quickly with top-notch results.